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he beautiful German language

I think German is a really beautiful language. Okay for me as a native speaker is German easy, but I

think for people who want to learn German, also. I think German is really usefull because you speak

it in many different countries like Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Luxembourg. It is said

that the total number of people who speak German are 120 millions.

One of the greatest things of German are that every German-speaking region has its own dialect: in

the north of Germany, the dialect is Plattdeutsch and in the south east, Bayrisch. I really like that,

because it shows for me how varied German is! Okay I must confess that German is not so easy to

learn, because of the difficult vocabulary, the gender system (masculine/feminine/neuter), the case

system (nominative/genetive/dative/accusative) and the syntax. But quite easy is the German

pronunciation. The German pronunciation system is easier than the English pronunciation system.

In German every word is spell like the word is written. When I think how difficult the English

pronunciation is- oh my god it's so much harder!!! The German grammar is a little bit tricky at the

beginning, but at the end is really easy to understand thanks to several grammatical rules. The

structure of German phrases is a little bit complicated for people who learn the language, but for

native speakers is that no problem: German people really like to use embedded clauses! I know is

not that easy for English people who wants to learn German, because English people like the

phrase structure of SVO. That is one of the things that I like about the English language- the

simple syntax. Easy to learn and understand is the verb inflection: in German we have weak and

strong verbs, like we have it in English. German verb forms are easier to learn than

other verbs forms in any other language. What I absolutly like about...