´╗┐Running head: Cyber Security

Securing Networks
Wagner, Juan


As our dependency on technology grows so does the need to protect the data contained in them. We live in a world where digital imaginary data has become just as important if not more than actual physical work these machines perform. One of the biggest jobs for any respectable firm is the ability to protect its information from the unrelenting attacks by hackers, insiders, social engineers and software exploits. this is an on going struggle that will never end. The reality is there is no way to fully and completely protect a network. The second best thing we can do as IT professionals is ensure protocols that have resulted in having a more secure network are being met. Since most of the errors in the world are human errors we must take extra consideration when securing a network. Computers don't make mistakes only people make mistakes. Finally as professionals we must do our job in researching new exploits, tools and reasons why someone would want to perform a cyber attack on said company.


In the IT world knowledge is power, and there is much to be learned if a corporation is to be able to perform at an AAA level. There are many things that can go wrong in regards to intellectual property. Some of those things are certificates, classification of data, and how computing devices are used. In conjunction with the material professionals also should be actively researching forums, licenses and recent changes in the IT world. The battle for network security can be best described as pushing a boulder up an ice mountain. Every day there are new exploits being tested by young individuals on multi millions dollar servers. Without following these steps a corporation will be an open window begging for an attack, vulnerable to whomever feels the need to take advantage of a weakness.

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