Hack with Command Prompt: All Command Prompt Commands


Command Prompt is the heart of windows and with a technical point of view, command prompt is the only good thing in windows for a techie. Command Prompt gives you a feel of how things work in the back end of windows. For example, if we copy and paste using usual right click feature we don't get to know what is happening behind the buttons to make copy and paste possible. But if we copy and paste using command prompt, we get to know how things are done.

This screenshot shows an example to copying contents of  "functionallog.txt" to a new file "android.txt". |
When someone starts learning about computers and hacking, the priority should be to gain a firm hold on command prompt as command is very powerful and allows you to do a lot of stuff. Now I'll talk about some of the commands of command prompt which a hacker should surely know. Before trying these commands, make sure you are running command prompt as the administrator.(right click on cmd > run as administrator)

1. ipconfig:  ifconfig is a very basic command which tells the IP(Internet Protocol) address of your  machine if you are connected to the internet. Other information  such as default gateway, subnet mask etc. are also displayed. This command is similar to ifconfig command in linux systems.
Syntax: ipconfig 

2.  Ping: Ping command is used to check if a host is up or not. It sends 32 bytes of data to the host whom we want to check, if the reply comes from the host, it means that the host is up.
Syntax: ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the ip you want to check). 

Ping command can also be used to check the IP Address of website by pinging them and you can use that IP Address to open that site too by putting it on the URL box.
Syntax: ping thecyberelite.blogspot.com

Now you can use the ip address above to open...

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