Had You Ever Seen Hydraulic Jaw Crusher Machine Before?

Had You Ever Seen Hydraulic Jaw Crusher Machine Before?

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As we all known that the Jaw crusher machine is one of the most important crushing machines in the stone crushing production line. It can be not only used for crushing stone materials, pebble and coal and be called stone jaw crusher, but used for manufacturing cement aggregate. In addition, the jaw crushers are widely applied in mining, quarrying, stone crushing and road and bridge construction since then. Rencently, our comany produce a new type jaw crusher machine, which is known as hydraulic jaw crusher. Had you ever seen it up to now?

Hydraulic jaw breaker structure and general simple swing jaw type ore crusher basic same, the difference is that in the hydraulic oil cylinder of insurance institutions and adjusting mechanism, jaw replaced general breaker original insurance device and adjusting device.Now the hydraulic insurance, hydraulic adjustment and the principle of subsection start points mentioned below.

Hydraulic segmented start is to reduce the power consumption of large jaw crusher crushing machine start, the eccentric shaft installed on both ends of two hydraulic friction clutch. A friction clutch is installed between the pulley and the eccentric shaft, the other is placed in between the flywheel and eccentric shaft, clutch as a result of the action of the spring, at ordinary times is closed, the flywheel and pulley and eccentric shaft bite tightly, before start the breaker, with hydraulic pump to the first set on opposite sides of the eccentric shaft oil filled in two oil cylinder, when the oil pressure to 29 ㎏ / ㎝ 2, oil cylinder piston to move on both ends of the eccentric shaft, compression spring clutch is disengaged.Then start the main motor, drive pulley rotation, after 20 s, pulley to achieve normal operation, the pulley end of the cylinder oil unloading and flow back to the fuel tank, clutch is closed, the eccentric shaft with the pulley, after another 20 s, the flywheel end of the oil cylinder oil unloading, clutch is closed, the...

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