Had You Known Main Usage of Compound Cone Crusher?

Had You Known Main Usage of Compound Cone Crusher?

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Cone crusher is a mining machine used for stone crushing. The research and development of cone crushers is to make up for the shortcomings of traditional crushing equipment. Cone crushers are suitable for the fine crushing and ultrafine crushing of various hard ores and rocks and they have more reliable and more efficient working performance than traditional crushing equipment. What about the new type cone breaker, that is compound cone crusher?

Compound cone crusher is a typical laminated crusher, it is energy saving from the aspects of energy consumption, from the aspects of wear parts wear abrasion cycle is longer. Therefore, Compound cone crusher's running cost is relatively ideal, especially wear parts for the replacement cycle period is longer, greatly improved production efficiency.The structure of the Compound cone crusher is more complex, manufacturing precision is higher, is a kind of high-grade crushing equipment, it is important to large crushing system preferred crushing equipment.

Compound cone crusher main application: Compound cone crusher can be widely used in metal and non-metallic mineral, cement, construction, metallurgy, transportation, sand and gravel aggregate production, etc.Especially suitable for iron ore, gold ore, non-ferrous metal ore, granite, basalt, diabase and quartzite, hard, medium hard ores and rocks. Compound mechanism of cone crusher applied in construction of gravel, sand production process, especially the crushing the hard materials such as basalt, not only high efficiency, low production cost, and crushing grain type of product is good, sand and gravel aggregate quality is high. Compound cone crusher is applied in black, non-ferrous metal ore dressing process, can effectively reduce the ore into the grinding granularity, achieve more broken less grinding, can not only improve the mill's production capacity, and electricity saving, section steel, greatly improve the economic benefits of mill plant.

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