Hadica Plc

Hadica Plc

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Managerial Finance and Accounting

HADIKA plc is a motor car manufacturer. HADIKA plc has been in business for many
years and has expanded rapidly and now has a multi-site operation with bases in the
UK and overseas. Recently, the company invested heavily in automated processes.
However, HADIKA plc is currently experiencing difficulties in maintaining its market
share because of the severe competition and the current global financial turmoil. It is
therefore considering various options to improve the quality of its motor cars, and the
quality of its service to its customers. It is also investigating its present pricing policy,
which is based on the costs attributed to each motor car.

Consequently, HADIKA plc has assigned one of its divisional managers to propose an
action plan to address the above. Notably, that manager recently attended a course
on Managerial Accounting and has been puzzled by some of the concepts. In
particular, he would like you to explain the following:

• The differences and similarities between management accounting and
financial accounting;

• The main role of the management accountant within the company; and

• Concerning the company’s pricing policy, what are the main cost
classifications that might be useful in deciding such a policy?

(a) Prepare a report, addressed to the divisional manager, which explains the
issues he has identified above. (40%)

There are some factors and approaches that HADIKA plc may need to focus on/adopt
in order to maintain or even increase its market share in terms of attracting more
(b) Explain these factors and approaches and how they may be used by HADIKA
plc. (50%)
(c) Additional marks awarded for structure, appropriate written style, accurate
referencing and presentation. (10%).

Coursework for Management and Accounting

Middlesex University

ACC2211 Managerial Finance and Accounting


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