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The case was about the change process that is being implemented at XYZ construction, by the new Managing Director. Due to various reasons and difficulties faced by the company, he outlined two change activities that need to be done in parallel:

1. To introduce new practices and techniques into the company in order to provide a better service to customers (and thus improve the company’s overall performance)
2. To change attitudes and behaviours within the company, especially those of managers.

Table 12.1 summarises the various initiatives implemented between 1996 and 2000.

Table 12.1 Key changes at XYZ
Date Event
June 1996 New Managing Director appointed
August 1996 Kaizen Phase 1
October 1996 Customer Care Programme launched
March 1997 Investors in People launched
April 1997 Kaizen Phase 2
September 1997 Customer Care Programme extended to construction sites
January 1998 Construction Supervisors’ new role launched
June 1998 New Senior Management Team formed
November 1998 Kaizen Phase 3
March 1999 Site-based trainers appointed
June 1999 XYZ culture redefined
July 1999 Leadership and behaviours review
September 1999 Begin to develop Team XYZ
March 2000 Team XYZ up and running

The change process focused on changing the company structure in order to realize the formation of Team XYZ. With the help of a change consultant, a five stage change process was implemented:

Stage 1: Change readiness audit
- Identify key issues and concerns which needed to be addressed.
- Face-to-face interviews with all senior managers, interviews and discussions with other staffs from all level.
- SWOT analysis to assess company’s competitive position.

Stage 2:Evaluation and planning workshops
- 5 one-day workshops over a two-month period.
- Establish a set of criteria for evaluating alternatives structures, identify...

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