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Is marketing adult-styled undergarments to a younger audience unethical?
Why or why not?


Would Abercrombie have been in the spotlight had the sexy words been
omitted from the product? Explain your answer.

Strategic Planning for Competitive Advantage




Throughout the rest of this book, these end-of-chapter marketing plan exercises will
help you build a strategic marketing plan for a company of your choosing. The
company you choose should be one that interests you, such as the manufacturer
of your favorite product, a local business where you would like to work, or even
a business you would like to start yourself to satisfy an unmet need or want. Once
you’ve completed the marketing plan exercise for each chapter in Part 1 of this textbook, you can complete the Part 1 Marketing Planning Worksheet on your companion Web site at Use the following exercises to
guide you through the first part of your strategic marketing plan:


Describe your chosen company. How long has it been in business, or when
will it start business? Who are the key players? Is the company small or
large? Does it offer a good or service?


Write the mission statement of your company, keeping in mind the benefits
offered to customers rather than the product or service sold. If you are starting the online arm of a traditional store, should you make any changes to
the company’s overall mission statement?


List at least three specific, measurable objectives for your company. Be sure
these objectives relate to the mission statement and include a time frame.


Begin a SWOT analysis by determining the primary strength of your
company by asking, “What is the key differential or competitive advantage
of my firm?” What are other keys to the potential success of your company?
What other strengths can your firm capitalize on?


Continue the SWOT...