Haitian Culture

Haitian Culture

October 15th, 2007
Topic Proposal
Haitian Culture

Growing up in the United States of America there are many opportunities here that

many other countries do not have. These opportunities include decent jobs, government

assistance for those living below the poverty line, the choice of health care, and the right

to send your child to school. Haiti is a country that lacks many of these options that

Americans take for granted daily. In Haiti children from poor families are sent to be

servants in hopes that the family they work for will send them to school. Poor people are

subject to work in fields for dollars a day. The health care in Haiti is insufficient, and the

living conditions is horrific. My objective in this paper will be to discuss the urban life of

Haitians. I will focus on the life of children in Haiti, then leading into the life of peasant

farmers and workers, the living conditions of poor Haitian families, the health care issue

plaguing Haiti, and the education system.

Life in Haiti is not trouble-free. There are many obstacles that Haitians must face daily

just to get by. By shedding a light on some of the troubles that Haitians go through on a

daily basis while living in Haiti, it will further help others to understand the peril that this

country is going through. The topics that will be discussed is the urban life as a Haitian in

living in Haiti. These topics are important to the poverty stricken residents of the country.

There must be a change in living conditions in Haiti and with further research into the

selected topics of children, working and living conditions, health care, and education

better understanding of Urban Life in Haiti will be achieved.

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