vdffffdffsdIn 1992 it became law, through the Package Travel Regulations, that everyone booking travel arrangements must be offered full travel insurance cover.

This is to ensure that customers are covered for:

Any charges should they need to cancel their holiday before they travel.
Illness or accidents while abroad including emergency return to the UK (repatriation).
So, by offering travel insurance to all our Customers, we are providing them with a complete service as well as adhering to legal requirements.

We should offer travel insurance to our Customers at every opportunity, if a Customer insists on purchasing travel insurance from another provider we MUST NOT offer opinion on the cover or service provided. The reason for this being that it could be deemed as advice.

Face to Face
When selling Thomas Cook policies, in order to ensure that we comply with the regulations, we MUST always bring to the customer's attention the important information (including the important conditions relating to health) contained in the policy summary.

Before concluding business the customer should then sign the Policy Schedule to confirm they have read and understood these sections.

For incoming telephone sales calls, this information will be conveyed to the customer by either:

The sales consultant reading the sales screen prompts
A pre-recorded message (IVR)
The important conditions relating to health will appear as a brief statement and some questions later within the call; this will be covered later in the e-briefing.

Let us now consider some of the options available for customers.

In September 2005 the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) replaced form E111.

What is the EHIC Scheme?
There are arrangements throughout the European Economic Area (EEA) for co-ordinating the health care systems of the member states.

The EEA consists of the 25 countries in the European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The EHIC provides...