Hallowed Ground: a Review of a Walk at Gettysburg

Hallowed Ground: a Review of a Walk at Gettysburg

Hallowed Ground: A Walk At Gettysburg

There are many civil war battles that have been fought. But one of the most historical battles ever fought was the Battle of Gettysburg, a small town in Pennsylvania in Adams County. There have been several books written, movies made and historians to keep the topic of Gettysburg familiar to those who have a fraction of interest in our American past. However, there are those individuals who are mystified and have a great interest to understand a historical struggle and the importance that Gettysburg stood for. Those individuals continue, not just for themselves, but for the future of our history. They strive for a deeper truth and meaning and to achieve the best and most accurate knowledge and accounts of the events that unfolded in our American past. I chose the book called Hallowed Ground to read and review, as I read the book, I was thankful for the individuals that would care enough about our American past, our history.

One individual who has strived to give us a deeper meaning and understanding is James M. McPherson who is known as the world’s finest civil war historian and author of the book Hallowed Ground: A Walk at Gettysburg. He is also a Pulitzer Prize- winning author of Battle Cry of Freedom. The editor of Hallowed Ground was simply astonished by how little editing his book needed. He gave the impression that McPherson didn’t write the book, but as much as transcribed it. McPherson is the perfect person and author for this tour through history as he has led several tours of Gettysburg to family, friends and students. His experience as a professor of history at Princeton University further qualifies him as well as his other works on the Civil War, including Ordeal by Fire and Marching Toward Freedom.

Hallowed Ground takes you on a tour, guided by McPherson, through the events that occurred at Gettysburg those three horrible bloody days of July 1863. As he guides you on the tour while...

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