Hamlet, Chronicle of Death Foretold and Oedipus Rex Review

Hamlet, Chronicle of Death Foretold and Oedipus Rex Review

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1. Reversal and recognition.

The Recognition in Hamlet is of two parts. First is when the ghost of King Hamlet revealed to prince Hamlet that Claudius has murderered him and demanded revenge, the second part is when hamlet has confirmed that Claudius is indeed the murderer because his reaction to hamlet's play portraying how late king hamlet was murdered. The Reversal in Hamlet happened when prince hamlet has achieved revenge for his father. Before the poison caused by Laerte's blade kills hamlet, he kills Claudius. The reversal and recognition in oedipus rex and chronicle of a death foretold both occured at the same time. In cronicle of the death foretold, after Santiago Nasar was informed of the plot of the vicario twins, he was murdered upon the door step of his house. However, Santiago Nasar's recognition of his situation puzzles him. He didn't know that he was accused by Angela Vicario of taking her virginity. This is analogous to Oedipus Rex, right after the revelation of Oedipus' true parents, His life turned 180 degress right then and there. His wife/mother committed suicide, he blinded and banished himself out of shame. Comparing the reversal and recognition of each text, i would say that chronicle of a death foretold is very different. In hamlet and Oedipus Rex, everything that has happened is clearly revealed to the characters and also the reader. In contrast to that, in chronicle of a death foretold, Santiago Nasar died without knowing why and the how Angela Vicario lost her virginity is still a mystery.

2. Act 1 scene 2, "O, that this too, too sullied flesh"

On the first part of the soliloqy he wished that god had not made self slaughter a sin, was because he was considering to commit suicide. He is under extreme emotional pain because of sudden changes in his life. Though hamlet speaks of suicide, he will not do it because god has forbidden it. His pain is caused mostly because of his mother's marriage to Claudius. The marriage disgusts...

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