Hammer type crushing machine solutions to problems

Hammer type crushing machine solutions to problems

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Recently during the dog days, because of the hot weather, ground temperature rise, gravel factory small single period of crusher equipment appear the cone crusher phenomenon such as noise and machine vibration.As is known to all, the captain of the hammer chip broken boot after work time, as the degree of grinding machine, machine vibration phenomenon is relatively clear, and the noise will also increase gradually, then crushed stone manufacturers how to avoid the generation of this kind of phenomenon? hammer crusher

For small single stage crushing machine machine vibration phenomenon judgment, vico technicians, analyzing the specific problems should be from the may induce machine process of earthquake occurrence, ruled out one by one, until the problem is solved.Generally can be divided into two kinds of judgment.

One: because of hammer type crusher labor time is long, the hammer head wear phenomenon is relatively serious, can be used to analyze the main parts wear phenomenon first begin.Replacing hammer head or make rotor static balance with conical head wear out requirements;Pin shaft bending and breaking;Triangle plate or disc cracks;The phenomenon such as anchor bolt looseness can cause small single stage crushing machine machine vibration phenomenon, a pair of these components are trying to find the fault cause, solve the problem in a timely manner.

Second: in the process of dynamic rotor disc to observe whether there is stuck in the hammer hammer in plate, can't work, because it can cause the change of the radius of gyration, rotor loss caused vibration of dynamic balance.Card hammer reason is because of the hammer plate wear.So the crusher seriously out of balance, causing severe vibration.

The above summary of failure phenomenon is hammer type crusher the occurrence of more easily in daily work, machine vibration phenomenon caused by a variety of, of course, the user is in use process can test one by one according to the fault...

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