Handicapping society

Handicapping society

Handicapped By Other People

Competition plays a key part in making society grow and function successfully. While others

make take advantage of this by bringing you down. This is only for the same goal as everyone, to rise

above the rest and become successful in whatever they do.

There are many ways people may attempt to belittle you or “handicap” you. For example, they

may spread rumors about you. This makes you seem less than you actually are if the hurtful rumors

aren't true. Another suprising way others may handicap you is by not pushing you to be all that you can

be. This indirectly does not motivate you to be better than everyone else and stay at an equal level as

the rest. Another way people can indirectly make you more equal is to encourage you to eat more junk

food. This doesn't seem like much, but every bit more unhealthy you are to them, they are making

themselves better than you and making you more equal to the rest of the world. They can also keep you

form doing your homework, making your grades not seem as important, preventing you from achieving

the best possible result. Unfortunately, people may also make you feel socially awkward but shunning

you or not talking to you. You now have no desire to be an extravert or someone who would stand out

above the rest.

In conclusion, I have learned a lot about society and the world around us by doing this project.

Although there are countless people out there who want to make you feel less of what you are and

bringing you down, it's our jobs as people to stand out above the rest.

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