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Research Proposal on Handicrafts


The study of Bangladesh history and her descriptions are within very shortly as because in common understanding there are in many way and dimension to explain the History of Bangladesh or Discovery of Bangladesh potential to give details. The territory constituting Bangladesh was under the Muslim rule for over five and a half centuries from 1201 to 1757 A-D. Subsequently, it was under the defeat of the British after the defeat of the last sovereign ruler, Nawab Sirajuddowla, at the Battle of Plessey on the fateful day of June 23, 1757. “The British ruled over the entire Indian sub-continent including this territory for nearly 190 years from 1757 to 1947. During that period Bangladesh was a part of the British Indian provinces of Bengal and Assam. With the termination of the British rule in August, 1947 the sub-continent was partitioned into India and Pakistan. Bangladesh was then a part of Pakistan and was known as East Pakistan. It remained so about 24 years from August 14. 1947 to March 25, 1971. It appeared on the world map as an independent and sovereign state on December 16, 1971 following the victory at the War of Liberation from March 25 to December 16, 1971”

Country Profile

|Official name |: |The People’s Republic of Bangladesh |
|Location & borders |: |South Asia. Bordered by India on the east, west & north & by the Bay of Bengal on the south |
| | |and the small border strip with Myanmar on the south-east. |
|Government |: |Parliamentary form of government, headed by Prime Minister. |
|Area / Land |: |147, 570 square km / Mostly alluvial fertile plain....