Handling Different Types of Customers

Handling Different Types of Customers

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We all have them – difficult customers or customers that we perceive to be difficult. How do we turn these difficult customers into potentially good customers instead of turning them away?

Borrowing techniques from Dr Patricia Patton, here are some tips to handle the different types of potentially challenging customers. This is part one in a two-part series.

The hostile and aggressive types
In handling hostile and aggressive customers, you will likely feel threatened, awkward, angry or fearful even.

Remain calm and professional
It is critical that you remain in control. Don’t let them intimidate you, but don’t return the aggression. Through your actions and words, let them know that you have every intention to provide them a high level of service, regardless of their behaviour.

Let them vent their emotions
If the customers are at their peak of emotions – crying or shouting – give them time to get it all out. You must however remain calm during this time. If they start delivering punches (or other physically assaults), then you must of course take defensive action and call for help.

Find the right moment to get your voice in
When you find the customer is losing momentum (and he will since it is impossible for them to continue the tirade for too long), jump in and say that you understand their concern (repeat or rephrase their complaint to let them know you were listening), and that you are here to help. If their emotional outbursts last too long, you can interrupt them. If you must do so, call them by name and repeat their...

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