Harbinger of Change

Harbinger of Change

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fast paced OD

of change
By Rajan Johree and Neena Verma

The concern of corporate world with the rather slow pace of
OD is just as genuine as the concern of OD circles with the
disjointed change efforts of the corporate world. The mismatch
between their mutual expectations from each other is just as
real as their perfect agreement of a shared concern for corporate
growth. The only effective merging point could be wherein
OD efforts warm up and get ready for a real run to match up
the rapidity of corporate activity. The present article seeks to
present views based on actual experience involving fast paced
OD in various segments of industry. The ultimate objective is
to arrive at an enriched methodology and a better business
change model. This article is the first in the series of write-ups
of pragmatic and futuristic views in this direction.


he most popular quotation of this century:
Change is constant. So oft repeated that it has
become a universal truth. Perhaps it is the only
corporate slogan that sells across all segments of
industry. Various business functions like corporate
planning and strategic business development exist in
dynamic flux around this phenomenon. Change is
unmistakably the most significant propeller of business
growth and therefore can inarguably be accepted as
being its core ingredient.
Not only is change believed to be a constant; it
manifests itself over a period of time. For years it was
destined to follow the same path as if fulfilling a
Darwinian prophesy. The corporate species, however,
lacks the inherent patience of the natural living beings
to go through the long and tedious process of change.
The rapidity with which the business world witnesses
change leaves little, if any, options with the business
people the labors that bear upon change. Such is the


JULY 2002

obsession with change that
leading brands, especially in
beverages, are deliriously
engaged in bestowing...

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