Hard Decision

Hard Decision

A Tough Decision

I want to pursue a career in 3D computer graphics and game design. Enrolling in college was necessary to take classes to help me learn the skill and work ethics to succeed in my field.

Next year I plan to transfer to a state school leaving all of my friends behind and possibly ending a 5 year long relationship. This is something very stressful to think about but it seems cant be avoided if I am to move foward with my education. These are friends I have had for over 10 years and are very integral part of my life. I do everything with them, even things that will help advance my career goals. Each of my friends has a goal that fits closely to mine and we work on projects together that hone my skills as a 3D artist and game designer. My relationship is under direct threat of ending due to the distance that will be imposed upon us. She will be attending a college in San Fransisco, while the colleges that have the programs I need are all in So Cal.

Family financial issues have been slowing my college career significantly. In the past years it has been imparative that I help my father in his recent financial struggles. The schools in my area dont have the programs I need to further my eduacation, so I have been working solely on GE at community colleges. There have been times where I have had to make the decision to drop/miss classes in order to allow more time to work to fufill these needs. Its hard for me to see my other friends who have been attending school full time towards their degrees have already graduated and are working towards their masters while I am just now preparing to transfer.

My attatchment to my friends and family have also played a determining role in my decisions to attend college. I feel that this atmosphere that I am currently in is conducive to my development as a 3D artist. Without these influences, I would have to depend solely on the merits of the school that I would be attending to nurture my sense of...

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