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On Thursday, February 14, 2007, in cold weather of India. It was my birthday and especially driving was my one of the best hobbies so I had finished my driving lessons under my father’s supervision. So, he gifted me a new Hyundai car so I can drive it everyday to school. But before handling me the keys of the car, he told me that “son never ever disrespect the regulations of safe driving and respect the steering you would be holding as you hold your life at risk and others life.”

On Monday, February 18, 2007, I was getting ready to leave for school. I was happy and excited that I am going to drive my ride to school. As a teenager I had a feeling like others to show off aroused in me. So I called my friends and told them to be ready that I will be driving them to school. My school was located on national highway which connected each state with another.
It was very dangerous to drive there as many accidents had occurred with in there. And mostly every accident that occurred there the number of survivor was two percent. Mostly people were found dead in accidents there as cars and trucks used to go very fastly

One slight touch with another vehicle can result in death. Even as small animals such as squirrels and monkeys keep running or jumping across the lanes of highway. They were also reasons for disastrous accidents on the highway. I was also fan of the greatest formula car racing driver Michael Schumacher. Not even me, every teenage like me wanted to drive like him. His driving was like the speed of wind.

That day when I left my home, I took off the car in a speedy way as my mother called me after two minutes warning me not drive in such a manner. I was foolish so, I ignored her warning and went in the same way, picked up my friends. Even one of my friend warned me that drive safe. But I ignored him also as rest of us had a craze to just drive so fast that we go off crossing each street like a fighter plane.

We all friends got together and approached...