Harmful Impacts of Drug Abuse

Harmful Impacts of Drug Abuse

Drugs, drug abuse – harmful impacts and possible measures

Drugs can be divided into two groups, the soft and hard drugs. Soft drugs are marihuana, joint, cocaine etc., the hard drugs are syntetic such as LSD,speed, heroine. The hard drugs are more harmful. There are different ways of consuption such as:snorting, smoking, swallowing, sniffing, injecting into the blood stream.

The most threatened age-group is adolescents, because they don’t have a stable value system and they are easily impressionable. The unemployed and alcoholics are also associated with drugs. Adolescents can buy drug from deelers or from friend, usually at nigth in discos.
Drug abuse is a symptom of high-unemployment, breakdown in family structure, poor living conditions, socio-economis crisis and easing of border controls.
Regular or high levels of consumption of most drugs have a range of harmful effects on the individual. Illict drugs affect an individual’s health, financial position, productivity and social relations. Drug use can cause birth defects, poor parent-child relations and neuro-biological collapse from overdose.
It can also adversely affect the classroom performance and the psychological development of adolescents. The most harmful psycho-pharmacological effects of drug use, especially hard drugs, involve people becoming irrational , excited, agitated or impulsive. User orten become unable to control their anger and vent is in the form of violent crimes including robbery and murder. So there’s obviously a relationship between drug consuption and crime, although it’s often not clear which is cause and which is affect.

The consuption, production and trade of illict drugs have increased all over the world. Hungary has also experienced increases in illict drug demand, and the country cannot ignrore the problems of increasing drug consuption.

It’s commonly believed that peers can have an even stronger influence on drug use during the formative years of youth, but...

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