Name:_______________________ Subject: ___________________

Black History Project
Due Date February 26, 2014

Overview: Part I
The research project must be a minimum of three pages in length and a maximum of seven pages including your cover sheet and reference page. You must have five sources of information and they must be written in APA format (see below). One of your sources must be a book. Please use Galileo databases for your other sources. You can use the internet for two of your sources, but you must give credit. Be very careful about any information retrieved from the internet. It may not be factual it could be someone’s opinion. The paper must be double spaced using one of the following fonts: Chicago, Times New Roman, Courier New, or Century School Book. The font size must be 12 and the text must be in black. If those rules are violated your paper will not be graded. You must have a title page and a reference page to complete your paper neither the paper nor the title page should contain pictures. You must also use index cards to record your sources and some notes from that source. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, format, content, and presentation will be assessed and deductions will be made for all errors. Please proof read your paper for errors.

You have been assigned _______________________________ as your subject. You must focus on the early childhood, adolescent, and adult years of your subject. Include all major achievements, lifestyle changes, jobs, inventions, and awards that your subject has accomplished.

Overview Part II
You will use the internet or library sources to a one page report on the history of two Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). You must include the current president’s name, location, founding date, population of the student body, organizers or founders, and the type of college or university and degrees offered by the college along with...

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