Harrison-Keyes Problem Solution

Harrison-Keyes Problem Solution

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Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes Inc.
University of Phoenix

Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes Inc.
Harrison-Keyes is a major publisher with a long history of success with its 22,000 plus publications. Management has seen a fall in sales due to changes in distribution and new media. They have identified a new media that will help them to stay competitive in the industry. Executives believe that starting a new electronic book or e-book initiative will help solve the problem and will offer large profits. However, there have been many problems in getting this idea to fruition. This analysis will show how the lack of consistent leadership, attention to detail and the lack of reporting processes led to the failing of the project. It will finally offer some solutions to the dilemma in order to put their project back on track.
In major corporations where a strategic goal is not being realized, changes within the organization often take place. It is important for the Board of Directors and the leaders in the organization to determine exactly what is halting successful goal achievement, and what needs to be done about it. In the case of Harrison-Keyes, the plan to implement strategically and align an electronic book format has not gone well. The Board of Directors has therefore, elected to replace Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Meg McGill with William Guardo in an effort to revitalize the plan.
Describe the Situation
Issue and Opportunity Identification
Harrison-Keyes is a well-established global publisher of print products operating in a market with fierce competition, which has led to a decline in sales over more than a decade. One of the key challenges for Harrison-Keyes is to look for new sources of profit that will take the company into the 21st Century. The board recently fired its CEO Meg McGill, who strongly supported e-publishing. Mrs. McGill was replaced by William Guardo, a former...

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