Harrison-Keyes Project Management Plan

Harrison-Keyes Project Management Plan

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Harrison-Keyes Project Management Plan
Jose Castellanos
University of Phoenix
MBA590/Strategic Implementation and Alignment
March 5, 2009
This paper offers a comprehensive project management plan for Harrison-Keyes to implement the company’s e-publishing strategy. The issues that are presently affecting the realization of the project implementation are identified and a solution is offered to revamp the process and resolve the outstanding dilemmas that threaten the successful completion of the project. Alternatives are identified and evaluated to select the best option and develop a plan to implement the solution.

Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes Inc.
Harrison-Keyes, Inc. (H-K), a worldwide distributor and publisher of scientific, technical, business publications and educational material has experienced the hardships of a changing consumer market that is affecting the entire publishing industry. The company owns approximately 22,700 works and produces around 2,000 new publications each year. For over a century, Harrison-Keyes had turned a profit publishing the literary works of well known and respected authors and is considered to be the leading publishing company for business, technical and scientific books. However, in recent times the company has experienced a significant drop in sales caused by market shifts and competition by volume retailers has affected profits. In order for the company to remain competitive and survive, H-K has formulated a new strategic direction that will propel the publisher towards a new frontier.
The Board of Directors hired Meg P. McGill, a high-tech industry executive to improve the company’s competitive position and energize sales. Ms. McGill decided to implement the new strategy through an aggressive electronic publishing project that entails the production and distribution of publications in an electronic format. The e-publishing project...

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