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Increasing employee engagement through HRM

This case study looks at the methods adopted by Harrods’


Human Resources department to increase employee engagement.
Harrods is a brand that is recognised all over the world. Its

This involved positively changing the organisation’s culture to

Knightsbridge store has 1 million square feet of selling space with

enable the business to meet the needs of its employees whilst

over 330 different departments. Its global reputation and prestige

also maintaining the company’s values.

is instilled through its brand values. Brand values represent what
an organisation stands for. Harrods values are – British; Luxury;

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Service; Innovation and Sensation.
Human Resource Management is a process of valuing and
developing people at work. It covers all aspects of developing


employees, including three important steps:



1. Recruitment and selection - attracting suitable new employees.
2. Performance - enabling employees to perform their roles to the
best of their ability by keeping them informed and providing
relevant training opportunities.
3. Development - developing all employees to build their careers



with Harrods through identifying career progression opportunities.
In 2009 the MacLeod Report, ‘Engaging for Success’, was

This case study demonstrates the integral role that Harrods’

published which has been very influential in Human Resource

employees play in upholding these brand values. People are a vital

Management. One of its major findings was to highlight how

resource of any organisation. In the retail industry, employees are

businesses benefit by involving employees in all aspects of

the public face of the company. They are responsible for interacting

decision making. This involvement is commonly...

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