Harry Potter Script

Harry Potter Script

-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2: Part 6-
-Script By Silver Dragon Studios and JimA73-

*Shot zooms out from Harry’s face*

In the next shot Ron and Hermione are visible as they walk up to Harry.

Hermione: Harry!

Harry turns around to look at them.

Ron: Hermione and I were thinking it doesn't matter if we find the Horcrux.

What do you mean?

(Shot switches over to see Ron and Hermione)

Ron: Unless we can destroy it. So, we had this idea...

Hermione: It was Ron's idea. And it’s completely brilliant if you ask me.

Him and Hermione look at each other then look back.

Ron: You destroyed Tom Riddle's diary with a Basilisk fang, right?

Harry: Yeah…

Ron: well Hermione and I were thinking if we could to the chamber of secrets, get and some basilisk fangs...

Hermione: Then we could use one to destroy the horcrux, then the others on the diadem and the snake

Shot switches back to Harry as he turns his hand behind his back.

Harry: Okay, But take this.

Harry: That way, you can find me when you get back.

He hands them the Map.

Hermione: Where are you going?!?!?

Harry: Ravenclaw common room, gotta start somewhere!

Luna: Harry! Harry wait!

Neville: Let me get this straight professor, you’re actually giving us permission to do this?!?!

Minerva: That is correct, Longbottom

Neville: To blow it up? Boom?!?!
Minerva: BOOM!

Neville: Wicked! How do you think we’re gonna do that?!?!

Minerva: Why don’t you confer with Mr. Finnigan, as I recall he has particular proclivity for pirating

Seamus: I can bring it down!

Minerva: All right, away you go!

Sprout: I’m sure we can hold him up

McGonagall: thank you Pomona, I suggest we establish basic protection around the place, then gather our students and meet in the Great Hall. Most must be evacuated, though if any of those who are over age wish to stay and fight, I think they ought to be given the chance.”...

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