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Harvard Referencing

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Harvard Referencing Exercise

Task 1 – In-Text Reference & Comment For A Quotation

Marketing is a tool used by business’ on an everyday basis to market their products to the customers at hand, It is said that “the basic function of marketing is to attract & obtain customers at a profit” (Jobber 2010, P3) This statement helps with understanding the main aspect of marketing and why it is used. The reason marketing is used is to attract the customers attention with the intent of selling a specific good to them and expect to retain the customer with continuous marketing of further products.

Task 2 – In-Text Secondary Referencing For A Quotation

There are many different ways to achieve profit by marketing, “companies achieve their profit and other objectives by satisfying (even delighting) customers” (Jobber 2010, cited by Houston 1986)

This statement merely advises that to continue retaining customers within the company, you have to market your products in a way which would satisfy the customers every need, this way the customer will remain happy and return, therefore that is a customer retained.

Task 3 – In-Text Reference For A Paraphrase

According to Jobber (2010) When looking at the way in which marketing exists, it can be seen as an exchange, this exchange is when something like a physical good, a service, an idea or money is received from someone for something in return.

Task 4 – In Text Reference For A Web-site Source Of Data
Marketing tools are the techniques and materials used by those who are involved in the promotion of goods and services (Business Dictionary 2013)

Task 5 – List of References

Jobber, D. (2010) Principles and Practice of Marketing, 6th ed., Berkshire, McGraw-Hill

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