Hate Crimes on Mentally Ill and Disabled

Hate Crimes on Mentally Ill and Disabled

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Easy Prey for Hate

‭ ‬Of all crimes committed in the United States,‭ ‬hate crimes are the most likely to create or‭ ‬sharpen‭ ‬tensions,‭ ‬which can trigger larger community-wide racial conflict,‭ ‬civil disturbances,‭ ‬and even riots.‭ ‬Hate crimes‭ ‬put cities and towns at-risk of serious social and economic consequences.‭ ‬These crimes can be minor assaults all the way up to committing murder.‭ ‬Out of all the types of hate crimes committed,‭ ‬disability and age hate are one of the most‭ ‬violent‭ ‬and under reported because the victims are perceived as‭ “‬weak‭”‬,‭ ‬victims are not reporting,‭ ‬and the criminals who commit the crime develop a negative mindset about disabilities early in life.

‭ ‬Even though it is not on the FBI’s statistics when calculating hate crimes reported,‭ ‬age hate should not be under minded or forgotten.‭ ‬On March‭ ‬4,‭ ‬2013,‭ ‬a Brentwood teenager named Justin Frank has been accused of hate crime charges of stealing from three elderly Queens men‭ (‬ages‭ ‬77-92‭) ‬that he allegedly targeted because of their age.‭ ‬According to the report by Timothy Bolger,‭ ‬it states that,‭ “‬Frank and several other suspects who have yet to be apprehended tricked elderly men into letting them in to their homes‭… ‬then later forced them into another room while they stool their‭ ‬belongings.‭” ‬This‭ ‬18-year-old teenager was charged with burglary as a hate crime and robbery as a hate crime‭ (‬Bolger‭)‬.‭ ‬Elderly people are perceived as easy targets for such crimes and are advised to not live alone because of it.‭ ‬Elderly people are almost always targeted for their money,‭ ‬with frauds and false promises by their own‭ “‬friends‭”‬ or family.

‭ ‬Age hate crimes against elderly sometimes can also be physical and violent.‭ ‬In early March,‭ ‬an‭ ‬82‭ ‬year old woman named‭ ‬Faye Jones was‭ ‬brutally beaten and murdered inside her own home in Cocoa,‭ ‬Florida.‭ ‬Police say that the motive was robbery and the suspect stool hundreds of dollars...

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