Have You Cared for Spindle Design of Hammer Crusher?

Have You Cared for Spindle Design of Hammer Crusher?

Usually shaft design of hammer crusher machine includes two parts, one is structure design, one is the working capacity calculation. The latter mainly refers to the strength calculation. Spindle structure design of hammering machine according to the installation of the shaft parts, positioning and axle manufacturing, process requirements, rationally determine the structure and size, the calculation of shaft work ability not only refers to the strength of the shaft calculation, and stiffness and stability of computation, and of course in most cases, you just need to calculate the strength of the shaft.

The ability work of hammer mill crusher because of its general mainly depends on the strength of the shaft. At this time only do strength calculation, in order to prevent fracture and plastic deformation or inspection. For high stiffness requirements of shaft and bearing of slender shaft, should also be stiffness calculation, prevent excessive linear deformation. For the high speed shaft, should also be vibration stability calculation.In order to prevent the resonate. Therefore, for the spindle of the hammer crusher machine, need for strength calculation.

The materials of spidle for hammer crusher machine are mainly carbon steel and alloy steel.The blank most with rolling round steel and steel shaft forgings. Others use round steel directly. Than low alloy steel, carbon steel sensitivity to the stress concentration is low, at the same time can also use the method of heat treatment and chemical heat treatment to improve the wear resistance and fatigue resistance.Manufactured carbon steel shaft is particularly widespread. The most commonly used is 45 # steel.

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