Have You Noticed the Barrel of Rotary Kiln so Far?

Have You Noticed the Barrel of Rotary Kiln so Far?

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Rotary kiln is a horizontal rotating cylinder, there are many types, such as hollow type rotary kiln, long long dry kiln, wet method kiln, etc.The most simple with hollow type rotary preheater, it mainly is hollow rotary cylinder and cooling machine two units, at present, the use of rotary kiln for this kind of kiln, the kiln rotary kiln is the original form, is also the basis for the development of all kinds of rotary kiln, the kiln of the common features are: raw materials of the combustion process, all made within the rotary cylinder and cooling machine. However, have you noticed the barrel rotary kiln so far?

Ordinary hollow rotary kilns, the structure is relatively simple, mainly include the cylinder, belting leather, wheel, gear wheel, gear, sealing device, cooling device and other parts. The barrel is the main part of rotary kiln (http://www.chinaquarry.com/products_show/rotary_kiln.html), it is a steel cylinder, length of 2, 6 mm in diameter cylinder body set QiYou 100-30-280 mm, 200 mm thickness of refractory material, in order to protect the cylinder.Cylinder is made of steel plate (18-50 mm) thickness is commonly roll into a period of a cylinder, in advance according to the installation time after welding, outside cylinder suit has several belting leather, with a certain slope (usually 3-5%), located in the several pairs of correspond to belting leather roller.

Due to the rotary cylinder, bear itself and refractory materials and materials for gravity, in between the two roller cylinder axial bending and belting leather at cross section of the radial deformation, used to only consider cylinder axial bending is one of the important factor affecting the long-term safe operation of rotary kiln, and as to the diameter of the increasing, proved cylinder interface deformation and mechanical structure of the important reason for affecting the service life of kiln lining.Therefore require barrel in the operation to maintain 'straight, round' geometry is...

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