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Case Summary
Hawaiian Punch

MKTG 368
Hyemin Lee
Dr. Elif S. Persinger

General sense of the layout
1.Company Back ground
Hawaiian Punch is actually originated from Fullerton, California. The recipe of Hawaiian Punch is invented by Ralph Harrison. Hawaiian Punch is the top-selling fruit punch drink in the United State. 94 percent of U.S. consumer recognizes the brand.
A group of investors purchased the company in 1964 and renamed as Pacific Hawaiian Product Company.
RJ Reynolds (RJR) company acquired Hawaiian Punch for $40 million in 1963. The business was transferred to Del Monte, a subsidiary of RJR in 1981. Del Monte developed Hawaiian Punch and introduced new products. Del Monte also developed new distribution channel.

2.Marketing Mix
i.Hawaiian Punch products consist of 11 flavors; Fruit Juicy Red (original flavor), Green Berry Rush, Mazin' Melon Mix, Bodacious Berry, Tropical Vibe, Wild Purple Smash, Orange Ocean, Grape Geyser, Berry Blue Typhoon, Strawberry Sunfin', and Lemonade.
ii.Drink Package in 1 gallon bottle, a half gallon bottle, a 2 liter bottle, a 20 ounce bottle, a 6. 75 ounce single pouch, and 12 ounce cans.
B.Price- Vary depending on the size.
C.Place- manufacturing and distribution of Hawaiian Punch are relied on two distinct networks.
i.Finished goods are packaged in ready-to-serve container. The packaged drink is sipped to warehouses or distribution centers for delivery to retail outlets, or to other customers.
ii.Direct-store delivery
D.Promotion- Hawaiian Punch spends $ 2.2 million for media advertising. Advertising expenditure was mainly for radio and magazine, but also for Web site, coupons, shelf banners, in-store displays.

3.SWOT Analysis
A.Strong- Hawaiian Punch have strong brand power and it is well-known
B.Weakness- Company's flavor extensions lacked with consumer's preference for original flavor.
C.Opportunity- Percentage has fluctuated little over the past decade....