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“English and I.”

Have you ever been sailing in the midst of a vast and jolted ocean? Have you ever got through a gloomy forest which is filled with heavy mist? With indistinct senses of the road under my pedo. This is what I exactly felt in the beginning of learning English.

I still remember the time when I was a third grader.

One day, when the bell rang, I quickly overviewed the class schedule; oh it was English class again. I went back to my seat with a prostrate mood and opened my book studying. Hearing the footsteps, I knew that it must be my English teacher’s. After a bump on the podium, a pile of paper was passed down. It was a formidable test I have ever had. The very next English class, I thought that we must have fun activities after the test. But unfortunately, the teacher passed down the paper again. “Oh my goodness, are we going to have another test?” I thought.

Just then, I saw a scratchy, big O on my paper marked with red ink. I quickly looked at my neighbors’ scores. Most of theirs were also red and scratchy but with two Os. At that moment, I felt so embarrassed and frustrated. Ever since that test, English class became so dreary and monotonous to me.

After two years of bumpy road on learning English, Mother one day told me that she was going to have an eight-month scholarly visit in the States, and would take me abroad for study. I was so excited for a couple of days. But one day when I opened the fifth-grade level books, I found that I could barely read through few lines. During a few weeks, I was very upset whenever I thought of studying abroad. I did feel reluctant to study abroad with my mom. In order to dissolve my fear and anxiety, she bought lots of books and poetries to help me experience the beauty of English.

Few months later, I crossed the pacific and attended a small-size school near Harvard University. I was so fascinated by the lively atmosphere in school and the scholarly environment surrounding the...