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1 Explain the characteristics of musical sound or Explain the following (i) Pitch (ii) Timbre (iii) Loudness
2 Write a note on (i) Phon (ii) Sone (iii) Reverberation
3 Explain Sabine’s formula for reverberation time.
4 Explain two methods of detecting ultrasonic waves.
5 Give four properties of ultrasonics.
6 Explain cavitations.
7 Explain briefly the method of determining the velocity of ultrasonic waves using ultrasonic interferometer.
8 State four industrial applications of ultrasonics.
9 Write a note on ‘SONAR’.
10 What is sonogram and how is it obtained?
11 Explain application of ultrasonic waves in medical field.
12 The volume of a hall is 475 m3, the area of wall is 200 m2, area of floor and ceiling each is 100 m2. If the absorption coefficient of the wall, ceiling and floor are 0.025, 0.02 and 0.55 respectively. Calculate the reverberation time of the hall?
13 Calculate the length of an Iron rod which can be used to produce ultrasonic waves of 20 KHz. Given that Young’s modulus of Iron is 11.6 × 1010 N/m2 and density of Iron is 7.23 × 103 Kg/m3.
14 An Ultrasonic generator consists of a quartz plate of thickness 0.7 mm and density 2800 kg/m3. Find the fundamental frequency of ultrasonic waves if the Young’s modulus of quartz is 8.8×1010 N/m2.
15 An ultrasonic source of 0.07 MHz sends down a pulse towards the seabed, which returns after 0.65 s. The velocity of sound in seawater is 1700 m/s. Calculate the depth of the sea and wavelength of pulse.