HCA 220

HCA 220

 “Social Services and Psychological Services Providing A Helping Hand” 1

“Social Services and Psychological Services Providing A Helping Hand“

Karen Ann Bolin

University Composition and Communication

Instructor: Kristyn Miller

July 30, 2013

“Psychology is the science of studying individual’s minds. Sociology is the science of our society reaching out to help improve individual’s lives and their families’ lives”.

I have chosen the topic for my final assignment in COM/155 to be “Sociology and Psychology in Today’s America”. I work for the Department of Children and Families in the state of Florida. My job title is “Family Support Worker”. My job requires me to transport children to and from visits with family members and to doctor/dentist appointments. Sometimes when I am out in the field my job responsibility is to supervise and observe visits between children and their mother and father. The children are either placed in foster homes or with other family members. This environment can be very emotional and stressful for both the children and the parents. Observing as an outside source enables me to study body language, emotional stress and anger. One thing is very clear, children today appear to be detached from the family unit in a way that is very hard to comprehend. The children come from all types of situations that stem from drug abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, abandonment issues, and domestic violence. Their immature little minds and emotions are all tied up in knots that sometimes seem hopeless. It is necessary for me as a professional to develop the proper coping skills that allow me to be impartial and maintain my composer in difficult situations.
As a teenager in High School it was a requirement to take a psychology/sociology class in order to graduate. I loved these subjects back then and since I am working in...

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