hca 235 week 1

hca 235 week 1

Healthcare Museum

Healthcare museum
The following paper is a proposal for the health care hall of fame museum. The museum will be composed of five exhibits, which are medicare, modern health insurance, hospice long term care and the public health service. The first part of this proposal for the museum will discuss the history and impact of these health care developments on the health care system. The second part will be an over view of how these five exhibits relate to each other in the health care system.

Medicare Exhibit 1

As part of the social security act the Medicare program was signed into law on July 30, 1965 by president Johnson. This program came into place because Americans over 65 could not get insurance. Created in the 1960 it was based on the private insurance system that was in use at the time. Administered by the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services (cms) Medicare is a government program Austin and Wetle (2012). Over the years there have been many changes to Medicare to keep it relevant with the changing times for example, the Medicare prescription drugs, improvement, and modernization act of 2003. People can become qualified to receive Medicare by three different ways, be over the age of 65 and eligible for social security benefit, be permanently disabled, or have an end stage renal disease
Medicare brought the government into the healthcare insurance business .Before the program it was hard for the people over the age of 65 to get health insurance. Medicare pays for the healthcare of millions of senior citizens, the disabled, and those individuals with end stage renal disease. Without medicare those individuals would not be able to afford health insurance or long term care. Medicare consist of 4 parts, part a covers inpatient care

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