HCA 240 Week 4 Blood Disorders ( A+Material )

HCA 240 Week 4 Blood Disorders ( A+Material )

HCA 240 Week 4 Blood Disorders ( A+Material )
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Blood Disorders
The purpose of plasma, red blood cells and platelets
Plasma is the liquid portion of the blood, a protein-salt solution in which red and white blood cells and platelets are floating. Plasma helps to maintain normal blood pressure and volume to supplying critical proteins for blood clotting and immunity (Blood, 2011). The function of red blood cells is to move oxygen from the lungs to body tissues. Red blood cells are formed in the red bone marrow of certain bones, and they produce a substance called hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein pigment that contains iron and that gives red blood cells their color. The hemoglobin in red blood cells combines with oxygen in the lungs, transporting that oxygen to the tissues throughout the body. Red bloods cells live only about four months and new ones are continuously being produced in the bone marrow to replace the old ones (Blood, 2011). Platelets are small, disk-shaped fragments of cells that are broken off from other cells in the bone marrow. They help to control bleeding by sticking to the ruptured blood vessels and releasing substances that attract other platelets forming a temporary blood clot (Blood, 2011).
Scenario One
Scenario one, is Lily who is a four-year-old Caucasian female and she has iron...

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