HCS 235 Week 2 Health Care Terms.

HCS 235 Week 2 Health Care Terms.

Health Care Terms

As you start your journey into the world of health care it is essential that you begin developing a vocabulary of the health care industry. To start, based from your readings, define the following terms in your own words. (Faculty can add or alter terms to suit their student base.)

a. Medicare—This is a insurance program that is provided through the Federal government. There are four different Medicare insurances patients can receive they are A, B, C, and D. Patients may carry more than 1 of these insurances. There are a few criteria’s to receive Medicare. Patients who receive Medicare are of the age 65 or older. Patients younger than that may receive Medicare insurance if they are disabled, receive social security, and/or have certain diseases.

b. Medicaid—This is a insurance that is a government insurance that is through federal and state, but each state dictate their own rules on who is eligible and what benefits are covered. Medicaid helps with low income families to see a physician and get the testing they may need at little or no cost to the patient.

c. Certification (physicians)—This is where physicians have taken a exam and have became certified to work in their area of specialty. If a physician is not certified he is unable to work to his potential and some services may not be covered when seeing a uncertified physician.

d. Public health –It helps in aiding good health in all communities. It helps keep our environment healthy, teaches and educates towards good health, helps with preventative medicine like immunizations, and also controls communicable diseases.

e. Ambulatory care—This is for patients who have received health care but on a outpatients basis. This can include, blood work, radiology services, physical therapy, and many many more services that can be performed without being a inpatient.

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