Hcs 451 Risk Management

Hcs 451 Risk Management

HCS/451 Week 2 DQs What are your thoughts on this definition of quality? What do you like? What do you dislike? What would you change?

Because patients do their best to stay on a course that provides them with support and answers their health care questions it is important for us to remember that the system is intimidating and complex for many patients. When providers provide them with the necessary tools that address questions, concerns, and anxiety, the experience is more pleasing. Patients become frustrated when they perceive that health care workers are not interacting or talking to one another. When provided with what they need to navigate the system the anxiety and frustration is reduced. Many providers are providing patients with pathways that describe the typical treatment and expectation for their specific condition. This can make the experience more meaningful to the patient and their family. The facility that I work for provides our patients with a pamphlet that explains the expectations for their stay in the hospital and the nurses and doctors collaborate on the patients' care. This helps them to feel more comfortable about the entire process. We also have advocates that assist them with any problem they may face in navigating through the process of their experience. In my experience, patients treated with compassion have much better clinical outcomes. This is not to say that there aren't areas that can be improved upon in any system or that every patient will feel this level of comfort and dignity. Does every patient we see feel that they receive quality care? No, they do not. What works for one patient does not work for all but we strive to do our best at making each patient's stay as comfortable, dignified, and frustration-free as possible. Every employee with our organization is encouraged to take pride in their work and to provide our patients with quality care regardless of their personal situation.



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