Headgear Paradigm - an Innovative Edge

Headgear Paradigm - an Innovative Edge

This is my view and vision of things to come...

“It’s not enough to simply protect something,” you have to use it. It’s about imagination! It’s a beautiful dream! It’s turning science fiction into scientific fact!

CUSTOM FIT:The Helmet had materialised from a daydream! The wish list of wearable on land/air/water…

Feature generic: The Helmet is made of multi-layer sections; the external section is spherical geometric racing skater designed (egg shape) shell cased and hard, while the helmets inside is made of two layers of polyurethane membrane quilted into channels into which chemicals can be introduced that react to form “X”.
This is sandwiched between paper thin membranes made out of a material that is stretch able polyester fleece. At high speeds on land/air the membrane opens up, allowing heat to escape. In event of collision vibration- sensors activates - the water jacket implodes; the membrane closes down, retaining inert temperature and minimising temperature variations. (This section is being tested by the Mitsubishi Japanese company.) This section layer is fragile, but it works to levitate and support the weight of the wearer-head. Layered by carbon fibre called Aramids.(Pl.note: Aramids* is used in high strength applications having high temperature resistance, strength similar fibres are Nomex and Zylon.)
Meaning: In the ensuing event of an accident; the wearer of a head gear/helmet will save precious time because, on the nature of defying death –sensory bleeding /damage to internal organs/ swelling of brain is avoided as the head is encased in cooled induced chamber.
In a process known as electro spinning – a charged polymer solution is sprayed on a grounded form, in this case the jaw line section mould, the fibres congeal into a microfiber membrane on the form. These two sections compositions are versatile.It’s a matter of aesthetics; we want the headgear wearer to look a certain way. There is an elite safety privileged factor. This is...

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