Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education

Part A: Rationale for the Unit of Work

This unit plan titled “Touch and Go” was developed to provide students with the opportunity to work together with their peers in a team situation while improving their motor skills. The principal outcome is to create an inclusive and fun environment that enables students to be able to participate in a range of physical activities associated with touch football.

All learning experiences in this unit plan “Touch and Go” will provide students with physical, personal and social learning. Students will acquire the knowledge to recognise the increase in success when an activity is broken down so cognitive processes can absorb/retain more information. The skills to use tactical knowledge to create success in a modified game situation with the ability to communicate and contribute to a group/team situation. The student will able to value the contributions a team can provide presenting their individual point of view and appreciate communication as a way of understanding a situation and also describing a situation to a team mate. Reflecting on what kind of learning occurs through being part of a team.

The teaching of this unit will involve the teacher engaging with the students to demonstrate the rules and techniques of the game of touch football. Direct instructions will be given requiring the students to utilise their listening ability. There will be a range of different physical and classroom activities to provide the students with every opportunity to engage in this unit regardless of their age or ability.

The “Touch and Go” unit plan incorporates itself within the Candlebark Primary School ethos which identifies that all students are to be provided a supportive environment for inclusive learning, and to nurture respectful and supportive relationships among peers. This is supported throughout this unit by teaching the students to cooperate and communicate in a situation that requires them to be a supportive team...

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