Health and Safety at Work

Health and Safety at Work

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Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

This act will influence the working practice in the centre, this legislation keeps both children and practitioners safe from harm, The health and safety act requires both employers and employees to have certain duties such as;
* How the employers must produce a written policy by explaining on how the setting will ensure that they have health, safety and welfare of all the people who enter the premises.
* All employees must abide by these arrangements and take care of themselves as well as others.
* The Employers must display a health and safety law poster somewhere in the premises.
This helps safeguard children as we have certain policies in place to keep children safe by, having a health and safety manual that we have to do on a regular basis, this reinforces the centre and to recognize hazards and Safety issues. There are also systems in place for attending to injuries, monitoring sleeping children, administrating children’s medicine and other health related matters will be carefully implemented. We also have a OSH register that has to be done before any family enters the building, certain checks have to be made such as, making sure all chemicals are stored away with the appropriate locks, broken equipment is removed, animals are clean and fed, all obstacle courses and outside equipment is safe.

Children, Young Persons, and Their Families Act 1989

This act influences the working practice as, The Act provides for the care and protection of children as well as youth justice, The Act set out procedures for the removal of abused children from their parent's care, making the best interests of the child the first consideration. this act requires certain polices to be in place, such as; if a child is being abused look out for certain things such as physically, emotionally, or sexually, ill-treatment, abuse, neglect, or deprivation of any child or young person, we have procedures in place such as “child abuse...

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