health and social care

health and social care

Credit value: 10


Values and
planning in
social care

This unit looks at how social care services need to acknowledge the uniqueness of
each individual, and plan and deliver support services in a holistic way to ensure
that all the individual’s needs are met. By completing a range of activities you will
develop an understanding of the diverse nature of the people who are receiving
care and some of the ethical issues that can arise in health and social care settings.
This will involve recognising the rights and responsibilities of both the individual
and the social care practitioner. Sometimes these rights can appear to be in conflict.
This unit enables you to explore the different issues and ethical dilemmas that could
occur and discuss ways of resolving them.
By undertaking placements in care settings, you can link the theory you have been taught in the
classroom to professional practice. As you progress through the unit, you will start to recognise
good social care practice, develop your refl ective practice skills and understand the importance
of ensuring that you have professional boundaries in place. You will also gain an understanding
of the importance of principles and values, which inform all health and social care practice. A vital
part of principles and values is support planning, which means ensuring that individual needs are
planned for and resources are put in place. As part of the support planning process, you will also
gain an understanding of some of the ethical and legal boundaries that are involved when caring for
vulnerable people.

Learning outcomes

After completing this unit you should:

understand principles and values which underpin the planning of support for


know processes involved in planning support for individuals


understand legislation, policies and codes of practice related to the planning of
support for individuals


understand ethical principles in...

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