Health Eating Plan

Health Eating Plan

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This class as well as my week one findings from My Pyramid was a real eye opener. Thought this process I have learned that I was over eating, eating the wrong foods at the wrong times, and not getting enough exercise. With the holidays and new years I am glad I finally stuck with my new years resolution.

I now believe that it is important to choose a healthy eating program that you can stick with for life. Dieting simply produces a yo-yo effect. Yes, you may lose weight, but how long until it is back. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, exercise daily and get plenty of rest. It is important to know how many calories you actually need to maintain your weight. Many of us actually do not get enough calories. Our body therefore thinks we are starving it and hard as we may try the pounds will not come off.

Making this decision to change my lifestyle was the best decision made throughout my entire life. Not eating fast foods continues to be the regimen to follow. Eating every three hours and eating the recommended amounts of food not only is healthy, but it contributes to the well being in the inside and outside of the body. My Pyramid recommended for me to stay within 2200 calories to reach and maintain a healthy weight. I have been keeping a journal; witch has allowed me to keep track of the changes that need to be implemented to stay on track with the healthy plan. The journal has allowed for me to notice what types of food make me feel energetic and what makes me feel tired, giving me the opportunity to make any changes to the diet. I have not made too many drastic changes to my diet since I started my nutritional education at Axia College. I did notice that when I keep track of what I eat which makes life much simpler and well organized. I feel better about my choices, as well as have a record of my eating habits.

When making food choices I am more aware of the size portions needed to maintain healthy. Eating healthy will not provide immortality but...

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