Health Promotion

Health Promotion

Health Promotion

This essay will concentrate on the scenario relating to domestic violence. It will identify the prevalence of the problem and consider what domestic violence is.
There will be considerations given to studies already undertaken and future recommendations that will identify what the need is and how policies and health promotion projects are being developed to address that.

Domestic violence is defined as a continuum of behaviour ranging from verbal abuse through to murder and includes threats, intimidation, manipulation, physical and sexual assault. (DOH 2000)

In 2001 the British Crime Survey finding suggested that 26% of women had experienced at least one episode of domestic violence (Walby et al, 2004). Nationally domestic abuse accounts for 16% of violent crime. In Somerset this is slightly higher at 18.5% (

Domestic violence is a major health problem. There is considerable research demonstrating the significant impacts on both adults and children.

Domestic violence has significant health and social implications for the victim, ranging from acute and chronic physical injury through to suicide (Campbell, 2002).
This has implications on the NHS and shows the importance of early intervention in order for the reduction of domestic abuse. (Tacket et al, 2004)

In this scenario children are also involved and children who witness domestic violence are likely to exhibit psychological difficulties and a range of health needs. (Shankleman et al, 2001) Evidence also suggests that children growing up in homes where domestic abuse is prevalent are more likely to child abuse themselves. (Humphreys et al 2002)

Domestic violence often starts or intensifies during pregnancy, and each week two women are killed as a result of domestic violence. (Home Office, 1999). On average a women will be assaulted by a partner roughly 35 times before reporting it to the police and it occurs at the same prevalence among people...

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