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1.1 Constructing Positive Self-esteem Work File
1. Read each statement in the chart below very carefully. Answer each statement with: Never, Sometimes, or Always. (40 points)
Self-esteem chart|Never|Sometimes|Always|
1. I expect a lot from myself.|||always|
2. I freely ask for help when I need it. ||sometimes||
3. I feel a need to prove myself to others|||always|
4. I have difficulty making decisions.||sometimes||
5. I feel good about myself.||sometimes||
6. I resent being told what to do.||sometimes||
7. I value my time alone.|||always|
8. I feel lonely a lot of the time.|never|||
9. I feel comfortable around others.||sometimes||
10. People feel comfortable in my company.|||always|
11. My friends influence my decisions.||sometimes||
12. I make friends easily.|never|||
13. I find it easy to express my feelings.||sometimes||
14. I am able to express my feelings.||sometimes||
15. I like to be accepted by others.|||always|
16. Physical contact makes me happy.||||
17. I set limits on time with my friends.||sometimes||
18. I make my own decisions.||sometimes||

2. Using the chart, determine the area/areas where you are weak. (10 points)
A. I only feel good about myself sometimes.

B. I don’t make friends easily.

C. It is sometimes hard to express my feelings.

3. Using the chart, determine two of your strengths. (10 points)
A. I always feel a need to prove myself to others.

B. People always feel comfortable in my presence.

4. After completing this chart, write an analysis of what this chart says about your self-esteem, strengths, weaknesses, and areas in which you need development. (25 points) (Your answer should include at least five complete sentences.)
Making this chart I learned a lot about my self-esteem, strengths, and weaknesses. I know that I have a pretty low self-esteem and it is something that needs to improve. I know that some of my weaknesses include making friends and expressing...

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