Healthcare Capstone

Healthcare Capstone

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Health Care Capstone

Health Care Capstone (MHA 690)

Health Care Capstone
HealthSpring Health Plan is one of the largest an industry leader in providing Medicare Advantage health plans to citizens in the U.S., providing business, individual, and Medicare policies on a variety of levels. HealthSpring is based out of Nashville, Tennessee area since 2000 as a local, for-profit co-ordinate delivery system, leading in primary care with a guiding focus on prevention and wellness. HealthSpring, based in Nashville, Tennessee, is one of the country’s largest Medicare Advantage coordinated care plans. HealthSpring currently owns and operates Medicare Advantage plans in Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington D.C. and also offers a national stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plan. HealthSpring though is a very small-scale delivery and health plan system, which has achieved some of the good results in the nation. A united team approach to primary managed care allows patients at a low cost of care to have a high level of access. From minimal state coverage to extensive long-term health care planning, HealthSpring seeks to remain a leader in providing health care as a non-profit organization and meeting the needs of seniors in order to assure that health coverage is not a luxury item.
Past Market Forces
As with many industries, the health care industry is saturated with competitors in the provision of health insurance. In 1979, the health care environment in Tennessee consisted primarily of individual practices, and the regional community faced issues of access to, preventative primary care. HealthSpring Health Plan emerged from the shared vision of its founder, committed to creating an accessible, affordable, coordinated, team approach to senior health care through a staff-model. Centre to this vision was a health care delivery system that emphasized prevention,...

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