Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry

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I believe that health care is crucial and is changing every year. The important points that would be discussed in this paper are how health care has over the past ten years. The prediction of the biggest change that might happen in the next ten years, and the role that one plans to have in the health care industry. In today's society, everybody wants the most from health care. The stability of the medical care industry would be somewhat uncertain without leadership, management, and strategies and funding to keep this age healthcare industry in good standings. One thing, in which has a change in health care, is the way older adults are living ten years longer now more than ever.

Some of the major changes that have occurred over the last ten years are that health care costs are rising and brand new and improved technology. The significant skill a leader has to possess is to control efficient energy from the resistance and use it as a stimulant to develop the change required. Also, twenty years ago United States cost about two thousand eight hundred, on average, per individual. Ten years ago, that price had an increased to four thousand and seven hundred per individual. Health care services for the older generation has grown a lot over the years leaving the elderly people a higher chance of staying alive longer. One of the biggest changes in the past decade is most likely sheer numbers, which are still on the rise in today's society Chideya, F. (2012).

One of the biggest changes between now and two thousand twenty would be that health care systems will turn from reactive medical medicine to people managing their healthcare. Other changes include a big number of people without insurance and the increasing aging population. Social problems are the result of the growing aging population. The increasingly aging population could lead to medical patients needing some more care for chronic illness and disability Katz, C. (2010). The number of people...

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