Healthcare Utilization

Healthcare Utilization

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Organization Systems and Quality Leadership

Table of Contents

There are three categories of nursing sensitive indicators: Structural indicators which include providing adequate nursing staff, employee nurses with adequate skill levels, college education and certification. Process indicators focuses adequate methods of performing patient assessment and nursing interventions utilize to reach the goal. Another Process Indicator is nursing job satisfaction. Outcome indicators are a reflection of patient outcomes based on the quantity or quality of appropriate nursing care. This area covers issues such as falls, pressure ulcers (Contemporary Nursing: Issues, Trends and Management, 2014).
Nursing Sensitive Indicators
Mr. J, the 72 year retired rabbi with a diagnosis of dementia. There are some nursing sensitive indicators that a nurse should consider in providing top level care to Mr. J
I. Structural Indicators for Mr. J:
a. Employees should be educated in understanding dietary preference for Jewish residents

II. Process Indicators for Mr. J:
a. Nurses should be able to utilize proper assessment and provide proper intervention when dealing with a confused patient, also understanding cultural barriers. In this case, effective communication would have helped the situation.

III. Outcome Indicators for Mr. J are:
a. Complication that can lead to pressure Ulcer. The nurse should utilize turning schedules and also out of bed type of care to alleviate or reduce the risk of pressure ulcer.

b. Risk for falls can be prevented by the nurse by providing a sitter at bed side at all times especially for confused patients, proper lighting, assist patient to void prior to going to bed, pt to wear no-skid shoes, call bell within reach.

c. Length of stay is very critical especially for bed ridden patients. These types of patients are more prone to developing pressure ulcer and that is why a...

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