Healthy Eating in Everyday Life

Healthy Eating in Everyday Life

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Healthy Eating in Our Everyday Lifestyle

Over weight is a word that we all dread. We here this word on the news, newspapers, magazines, and out of just about everyone’s mouth. Everyone knows that we must use healthy eating habits in our everyday lifestyle in order to stay healthy. The majority of Americans have more than we can handle let alone worry about county calories, and that is why the majority of Americans are overweight.
Believe it or not, but a person’s life style has a lot to do with their diet, and whether or not they are overweight or not. If you haven’t noticed, people who are single and live alone tend to be in shape, as oppose a person who is married with children. I feel that a person who single has more time in their hands to be able to count their calories, and go to a gym. A person who has a family does not have enough time to really take care of themselves , count calories, or be able to go to the gym. I speak from personal experience. I am married and I have one child who is high matinees, and who requires a lot of time and attention. I work part time and I am a full time volunteer at my son’s school. He is in every sport you can think of, so of course there are practices almost every afternoon. Then there are school projects and events that need to be done almost every afternoon. By the time all of these things are done it is past seven o’clock in the afternoon, and I am hungry. I don’t have breakfast or lunch, so I eat a big meal. I don’t have time to work out, because by then it is time for my classes. I don’t get excursive by doing that because all I do is sit and type. The majority of Americans don’t cook they pick up fast food from fast food places. If we don’t take the time to count our calories and just order what looks good on the menu instead of ordering what is healthy food for our bodies and our children’s bodies. So we must be more aware of the things we eat and make sure we schedule in time for healthy eating.


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