Healthy Eating to Prevent Chronic Illness

Healthy Eating to Prevent Chronic Illness

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Expository Essay

Tige Hardwick

Axia College of University of Phoenix

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Healthy Eating to Prevent Chronic Illness

Proper nutrition starts at an early age and children should receive the proper amount of nutrition when they are younger to live a longer and healthier life as they get older. When there is a substantial amount of dairy, fruits, meats and vegetables incorporated in their daily diets it can assist with good eaten habits. It is a known fact that healthy eating and exercise will improve the chances at preventing chronic illness. Exercises will keep the body functioning well, with fit, lean and strong organs. This can be some of the most important ways to prevent many chronic illnesses.

Some people believe chronic-illness is developed through genetics, but healthy eating and exercise can help prevent bad eating habits and harm to the body at a young age

When should we start eating healthy foods to prevent chronic-illnesses?

We should start eating healthy foods at the tender age of four months. Just about the time we eat any solid foods for the first time. They should be introduced one food at a time to make sure that the body does not have an allergic reaction to them. Each week a new food should be introduced. The only foods that should be given to a child at this age are fruits and vegetables. Teen years can also play a valuable part in health. It can be filled with intellectual growth and emotional problems. The media has the teens thinking that they have to look a certain way or have a certain image. What they should wear and what foods they should eat. Teens sometime get anxious for their independence that when they start practicing bad eating habits. In order to get them back on track there was a lot of research done. Recent studies showed how vulnerable and misinformed teens are. The National health and Nutrition Examination survey of 1999 found that 14% of teens ages 12...

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