Healthy People

Healthy People

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Science, art, and religion have one thing in common that is an imagination. These are some of the different between science, art, and religion. Science is based on the truth and needs to have evidence. One of the different types of imagination that are used in science is material facts or evidence. Art is based on human emotion and requires either faith or evidence as we know it is a fiction or an object created purely from the imagination of a human mind. Second types of imaginations used in art are emotional evidence. Religion is based on faith and needs no evidence. The third types of imaginations that are used in religion are social evidence.

All hypotheses can be proven right or wrong. That is why they are hypothesis and not fact. What you think might happen in the experiment. With this example sometimes there are no rights or wrong answers. Personally I respect other people’s beliefs (they have the right to think whatever they want too) as long as no one gets harmed. Their beliefs don’t deserve to be disrespected. That some people are quick to pass judgment on others because their decisions or choices they make. But, “The gate swings both ways if don’t want it done you then don’t do it to anybody else.”

The kind of information that comes to be testable that in past was held to pure belief. For example human being able to fly it is testable. They have proven that people can fly like example they have robotic wings, jet packs, (usually worn on the back, that use jets of escaping) and flying saucers (a type of unidentified flying object UFO with a disc or saucer shaped body). Someone tried to build a flying car (a rapid response medical assistance vehicle) but ran out of money. Unfortunately you have to have aeronautics experience to do the jet man thing, the jet pack is super dangerous, flying saucers are not really practical, the WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) is secret technology and the sky car is too...

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